Role of Recruitment Industry Post Covid-19

The tenacious times during the lockdown have witnessed many people being laid off from their jobs, and many well-established companies sliding into unforeseen losses, and tension is built up in the recruitment industry since once the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 are terminated, it is already predicted that there will be a huge number of job seekers, thus flooding the entire recruitment market. Companies will also tend to emphasize finding the best solution since they need to recover from these insurmountable losses as quickly as possible. Hence, it comes into picture the role of recruitment agencies and placement consultants.

In order to discover and shortlist the best talent out there, it becomes essential for companies to expand their purview and comb through the labor market of the entire world. The imposed lockdown has made us all realize that work-from-home is indeed possible and efficient if performed with enough inspiration and proactivity. It has also made companies introspect that there is indeed a bigger sample space to pick from, rather than just restricting oneself to within a radius of 20 miles of the office space. Thus, the importance of the staffing agencies will be re-established and even strengthened due to a lot of companies opening their doors to everyone around the world.

Creation and access to comprehensive databases, analyzing thousands of resumes and shortlisting the desirable candidates from such a huge labor market requires extra manpower, and if this manpower comes from within the company itself, the per capita work efficiency decreases, which is something a company does not need post lockdown. Instead, hiring an efficient manpower agency makes their work much easier, since it is the recruitment agency’s responsibility to deliver the most suitable candidate for the company, hence making recruitments efficient and hassle-free.

Post lockdown, there will be a huge chunk of the populace who desire to switch careers and delve into something permanent. Recruitment agencies are to the rescue again. The tasks of the recruitment agencies not only include shortlisting the most suitable candidate for the company, but also include equipping the candidates to handle the pressure situations during job interviews, and assisting them in picking a career which suits them the best. Thus, this two-fold responsibility will be further redefined post lockdown, since there will not only be a surge of companies ready to offer jobs, there will be a significant rise in the number of candidates too, and to maintain the balance between the two entities and set up an efficient demand-supply relationship, the recruitment agencies must be geared up to fire on all cylinders and put in their best efficiency.

At last, for the recruitment industry to thrive and prosper, the onus falls on the recruitment agencies.