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It’s a well-accepted fact that quality hire is one of the key concerns of any organization’s success. The talent acquisition realm has been seen as significant changes in the past few years. In the face of upcoming new technologies and the constantly evolving demands of employees, driving the talent acquisition industry and recruitment agencies to stay innovative and ahead of all the latest happening trends.

This year would be big for predictions, as some of the predictions if we look at-that telepathy and teleportation would be possible this year, robots would become our real therapists. Whereas some of these predictions are close to coming true, and if we turn our focus on the world of recruiting, we will find several more practical yet attainable goals this decade. They might be less interesting than teleportation, but these new compelling innovations are poised to make a major impact on the hiring process.

Below, take a look at some of the recruiting predictions in 2021, that can shape future talent acquisition practices:

  1. Artificial Intelligence-based Candidate Matching

Artificial Intelligence has been spreading its wings almost in every sector, as well as in the recruitment industry. Among all industries, AI technology has got the ability to minimize errors and eliminate time-consuming and tedious tasks. With the proper inclusion of AI technology, recruiters of online placement agencies have more accurate and faster reach to the best talent.

Planning to secure from recession is going on full swing. Most tech gigs are anticipating a potential economic downturn in the near future, hence the talent acquisition industry is preparing for radically different strategies for the candidate market.

While for a long time we have been battling talent shortages and sometimes recession could result in talent surplus instead. But this will not resolve all the challenges around hiring and retaining the right talent. Most of the top recruitment agencies all over the world are opting for AI-based candidate matching solutions.

There will not be more recruiters and placement agencies in a downturn, but one can anticipate the number of applications for open positions can increase up to 20 times more than the current level.  Effective AI recruiting solutions would be key to make talent pool more manageable by helping top recruitment agencies and unsolicited recruiters short-list candidates while finding those with the right skills such as adaptability, agility,…

  1. Candidate-First Approach

In the recruiting process, a piece of information and experience is being collected which is not beneficial to the candidate, as they will be eliminated, of course, firstly the legal requirements are not considered.

However, recruitment agencies and hiring teams should work along with their legal departments to understand what is genuinely required and what can be done to deliver a better candidate experience.

For example, various studies show that about 60% of candidates will ignore a job application if they feel it is too complex or long. To avoid such incomplete applications and drop-offs, staffing companies have to cut down their extraneous data collection and let candidates get to the right point.

  1. Infusing more feedback into the recruiting experience

Recruiting firms and teams will start to implement comprehensive feedback from clients and experience management solutions. this feedback can be collected at three stages, post-applications, post-interviews, and post-hire. This should be requested from all the candidates even for those who didn’t get interview requests or offers. By analyzing this feedback, recruitment agencies and hiring teams will be able to find out more opportunities that aid in improving the recruitment process.

  1. Eliminating the Gender-based Pay Gap

Currently, there are plenty of tools to identify and solve the gender inequity issue commonly found in corporate pay structures. In 2020, the top companies will eliminate the gender-based pay gaps entirely. Organizations can implement salary checks, balances or compensation ratio intelligence at least in the internal transfer and promotion process.

Diversity in opting best-recruiting technologies can not only improve a corporate brand but also lead to stronger business performance, better employee retention, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased employee engagement. Fair pay structures are important for the meaningful success of any workforce.

  1. Workforce Diversity

Over the past five years, most of the organizations have developed some significant diversity initiatives and more companies are now starting to experience firsthand how a diversified workforce can increase productivity, revenue, accelerate innovation, and how helps in strengthening corporate brands and cultures.

In 2021, you can expect to see many anonymous recruiting initiatives like blind screening, assessments that would be taken by various staffing companies together with organizations. AI is considered to be a big leap in this process, but going forward, the recruiting teams should prioritize learning more about vendors’ efforts to prevent AI bias before opting for any AI solution.